Bus Campaign Update

new bus

The new WRE bus is here! A big praise you Lord and thanks, to all who have contributed in making

the acquisition of the new bus possible. It was quite a process. It started with Glen Haskell making calls to different bus dealers and schools, checking what was available. Twin Lakes School Corp had three they were going to trade and would sell one of them to us. We looked, but decided to go for a newer bus, hoping that it will serve us longer and have less maintenance problems. A cold day in Kankakee was spent at Midwest Transit, one of the country's largest used bus dealers. We scrutinized twelve different buses, finally deciding on a 2007 IH 72 passenger.

Now the second phase will begin. Ripping out the seats, installing cabinets, heat, carpet and painting. A prayer request is locating a warm place to perform the refurbishing of the bus this winter. If we are unable to locate a place, the project will probably have to wait until spring. A second prayer request is for a person who might take the lead or oversight in completing the second phase.

We are grateful and thankful again, for all the good that has transpired to date. WRE is excited about putting the new mobile classroom to use. Please continue to lift up the students and ministry of WRE.


About WRE

White County Weekday Religious Education ministry is directed at the fourth grade students of the county. We have sometimes thought about expanding to include Bible classes for high school students, but with our limited resources fourth graders are our priority. There is good reason for that. In fourth grade they are at an age which makes them much easier to reach with the life changing gospel of Jesus Christ.


WHITE COUNTY WEEKDAY RELIGIOUS EDUCATION, INC. provides religious instruction for fourth graders who have submitted a parental release. They are escorted once a week during school hours to our converted bus nearby and given non-denominational Bible lessons.   WRE is appropriate for Protestants, Catholics and those having no church affiliation.